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March 24, 2021 2 min read

Free radicals can cause many diseases and are linked to aging. There is still not much known about preventing them from making people sick.

Because there is a lot of gray area surrounding free radicals, it is best to avoid them. One of the ways to do this is by understanding what external sources, like food, can cause them.

Read on to learn about free radicals in food and which foods have the highest amounts.

What Are Free Radicals?

Free radicals are unstable atoms that have at least one unpaired electron. When a body has too many free radicals, cellular damage and oxidative stress can happen.

The damage done to a person by free radicals depends on the environment and genetics. Although free radicals are normal, if you don't have enough antioxidants in your body, free radicals will cause more damage. When you produce energy by exercising and eating food, free radicals become a normal part of the body's biological process.

An aging body makes it harder for antioxidants to decompose free radicals. Free radicals can also cause diseases as they alter DNA, lipids, and protein.

Avoiding external sources of free radicals is important for your health.

Free Radicals in Food: Which Ones Have the Highest Amounts?

Free radicals in food can be dangerous. It is essential to reduce the amount of free radical foods you eat or not consume them at all. What foods have free radicals?

High GI foods refer to foods with a high glycemic index. These are refined sugars and carbohydrates that commonly produce free radicals.

Another food to avoid or eat in moderation is processed meats. Bacon, salami, ham, and sausages all have preservatives that produce free radicals. These meats are also known to cause cancer when eaten in large amounts.

Red meat should also get avoided because it is high in iron. A person who eats a lot of red meat is more likely to deal with oxidation.

Limiting your alcohol content is also a way to lower your free radicals. If you drink alcohol, limit it to no more than two drinks a day.

Cooking oil that has been reused is another source of free radicals. Ensure you throw away your leftover oil because using it a second time can be very damaging.

Foods With Antioxidants

Foods with high amounts of free radicals should get avoided.

One solution on how to avoid free radicals in food is to eat foods high in antioxidants. These foods are vegetables, nuts, fruits, herbs, legumes, cocoa, green tea, and many foods in an Indian diet.

Avoiding Free Radicals

Free radicals in food are not the only thing you should be concerned about. Other external sources of free radicals include smoking, air pollutants, chemicals, and some drugs. To avoid free radicals in your daily life, avoid these external sources and maintain regular exercise.

Supplements are a great way to get antioxidants and help avoid free radicals. Check out our health supplements now.